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DVLA Resolves Tachograph Incompatibility Issue

TMI Coach Insurance | DVLA Resolves Tachograph Incompatibility Issue

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) recently resolved an issue concerning new workshop cards not functioning correctly with current digital tachographs. As a remedy, the DVLA announced that they were dispatching new workshop cards by first-class mail.


Recently issued DVLA 1C/1B compatible workshop cards were not working correctly with digital tachographs, with motion sensors not pairing during 1B installations, calibrations and periodic inspections.

Newly issued workshop cards will be ‘like-for-like’ replacements, able to undertake both 1B and 1C tachograph calibrations.

What to Do With Current Workshop Cards

The DVLA asks everyone to hold on to their original workshop cards and heed the following steps for retention and security of the original workshop card:

  1. Every originally issued workshop card must be collected by the designated manager (DM) as soon as the new workshop card has been received and the nominated technician (NT) has received their individual PIN.
  2. Each of the originally issued workshop cards must be placed in its own individual envelope with the NT details and original card number written on the cover of the envelope.
  3. Each NT and the DM must then sign the back of the envelope, ensuring that both signatures reach across the envelope flap and the main body of the envelope.
  4. These envelopes must then be retained in the approved tachograph centre’s (ATC) designated safe until further notice.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency examiners will be making spot checks on ATCs to ensure full compliance with these instructions.

Non-compliance will lead to enforcement action.

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