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Privacy Policy

We take the security of our clients' information seriously and this Privacy Policy sets out how we use and protect any information that you give us when you use both our website and our company's services.

What information do we collect?

We collect information about you when you complete and submit any forms on our website or engage in business activity with us.
This information usually comprises of:

  • Full Name and Job Title (where appropriate)
  • Address of Correspondance
  • Contact Telephone or Mobile  Numbers
  • Email Addresses

How do we use this information?

We collect this information to understand your needs and to provide you with the best service possible for you and your Business.

We may email you about any future services that we think may be of interest to you, for example, an update on our Coach Fleet Insurance cover.

We promise to never share your information for marketing with third parties unless we have permission from you first to do so.

However, we do reserve the right to provide your contact information to third party companies solely in the interest of completing the service provided, or if we are required by law to do so.

Access to your information

As the Customer/Client, you hold the right to request a copy of any data we have about you.
If you would like a copy of your personal information, a request can be sent to the following:  

171 High St,
Brownhills, Walsall

The information held should be accurate and up to date. If you find any information to be incorrect please make sure to send over any amendments using the contact details provided on our Website. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device by a web browser (e.g Internet Explorer) that hold information about your previous visits to our site. On returning to our site this stored information is fed back to us allowing us to offer you a more personal browsing experience. By using our site you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. For more information on cookies, visit the official ICO website at

What do cookies do?

Cookies perform many different tasks within our website; however, their key role is to remember your preferences so we can give you an improved service. For example; when purchasing one of the Insurance options available. If you leave the site before finishing the process, the purchase should still be there when you return to finalise and send off. This is one way in which cookies are at a benefit for the user.

Cookies also ensure that any adverts you see online will be more relevant to your interests and what you are looking for. 

How do cookies help when you visit our site?

Cookies allow us to treat you as an individual; using knowledge gained from your previous visits and preferences we can tailor our site so that it is more personal to you, allows you greater interactivity and is easier to use.

Why are we telling you this?

Recent legislation means EU law now requires website operators to ask for permission before using certain kinds of cookies. To ensure you are completely aware of the types of cookies we use and to enable us to continue to bring you the best possible shopping experience, we are giving you a detailed outline of the cookies we use and their unique role in your shopping experience.

Managing Cookies

How Can I Disable Cookies From Your Website?

It is possible to stop your browser accepting cookies from particular websites. However, disabling cookies from our site will mean you lose a lot of functionality, which will have a detrimental impact on your shopping experience and mean that you only have limited access to personalised areas of the site. Without access to the information on these cookies, it is difficult for us to analyse the performance of our site. This is essential for us to continually improve our service.

Cookies are an essential part of how our site works and you will need to have cookies enabled to place an order. If you don't wish to enable cookies, you'll only be able to browse the site.