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Top Marques Insurance is an award winning insurance broker leading the way with competitive prices for business insurance and innovative risk management services to help reduce your risk exposure.

Our experienced team  have over 50 years combined experience  in the insurance industry, allowing our clients to put their trust in our experience.

Our company takes pride in the fact that all our advisors aim to secure the best deal as part of a bespoke insurance package for both commercial and private clients. Through our review process we come to understand how your business works and  the requirements needed to  create a package that truly protects the client against any present or future risks.

Large passenger vehicle Insurance

Insurance cover for your large passenger vehicle with Top Marques.


Top Marques Coach Insurance offers specialist cover to a variety of large industry business vehicles.

Our expert insurance advisors will make it their priority to find you the right insurance necessary for your bus or coach fleet, based on what will be most effective for you and your Business.

The cover provided will ensure your vehicle is road worthy and ready to go as soon as possible.


Coach or Bus fleet insurance

What our insurance policies can offer you.


At Top Marques, we completely understand the urgent need for you to insure your coach or bus fleet quickly, and with reliability and a guarantee you can really trust.

This is why we only bring you insurers who can provide you with the best policies available in order to ensure your vehicles and information remain protected with us at all times, no matter what the circumstance.

Our vast experience in coach and bus insurance for educational establishments, charities, associations, and religious groups make us the most effective option for you.


Our Service...

Learn more about the services we provide at TMI coach Insurance. We only aim to deliver the best quality insurance for your Business.

We Can Help...

  • Coach and Bus passenger carrying vehicles of at least 17 seats used for private hire, contract hire, social, domestic and pleasure driver age 21 to 75
  • Drivers with criminal convictions 
  • Risks with minor motoring convictions 

We're Competitive...

  • Proposers who own their own vehicles
  • Risks with demonstrable experience 
  • Risks with earned NCD
Fleet Insurance by Top Marques

What is Fleet Insurance?


In order to legally own any vehicle and have it be deemed roadworthy, it is a requirement within the UK to hold insurance for that vehicle or group of vehicles. 

This insurance will protect you if a vehicle is at any point stolen, involved in an accident, and if vandalised or damaged in any way throughout the time of ownership. 

Fleet insurance, in particular, ensures that all Minibuses and Coaches owned by yourself or company receive this exact liability coverage all in one package, meaning if something were to occur in the near future, there would be one less thing for you to worry about.